Syntax Highlighting

This page shows what commands will be highlighted in the text editor.

Syntax Highlighting

Inlage's LaTeX syntax highlighting has the following rules:

  • Foreground: Is used for all text that is not matching one of the following rules.
  • Commands: Words or special characters with a “\” at the beginning like “\ref” or “\\”.
  • Numbers: All numbers 0-9
  • Brackets: Curly, round and square brackets.
  • Comment: All characters from a ”%” to the next line.
  • Math mode: “$”, “$$” or the following environments that begin or end math mode:
    • align(*)
    • math
    • displaymath
    • eqnarray
    • equation(*)
    • multline
  • Active line: Highlights the whole line of the current curspor position.
  • Selection: Is used for all selected text - the round corner radius is adjustable.

All colors and other settings can be changed in the Settings.

:!: NOTE: The active line background can be disabled by setting it to the foreground color.

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