Setting up Sumatra PDF for PDF Viewing

1. Install Sumatra PDF on your machine. 2. In Inlage, go to Build → Compiler Options → PDF Viewer tab and choose Sumatra PDF (extern) as the viewer program. 3. Check on “Show PDF after Compile” (optional). 4. Input the path to the Sumatra PDF executable

Screen shot:

Setting up Sumatra PDF for Inverse Search

STEP 1: In the Settings → Options Window for Sumatra PDF: - Change the inverse search command line of Sumatra PDF (from here) to the following:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Inlage 4\Inlage 4.exe" "%f" -n%l

Screen shot:

STEP 2: In the Inlage Build → Compiler Options Window, you have to set up the SumatraPDF directory in the Settings. The executable name must be “SumatraPDF.exe” or “SumatraPDF-TeX.exe” for detection. To use synctex add


to the command line of e.g. pdflatex in the Compiler Options. (The compiler has to support synctex)

Screen shot:

NOTE: If you use synctex, you can't use blanks in your filename. Otherwise pdflatex won't compile.

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