How to install Inlage

This page explains how to download and install Inlage.

Go to the Inlage download page: or use this link to download Inlage.

Download Inlage

Open the inlage5.exe via double click and allow Windows the execution of the Inlage setup.

Start the setup

The setup will start and look like the image below.

Inlage Setup - Step 1

Accept the Inlage User Agreenment.

Inlage Setup - Step 2

Choose the folder where you want to install Inlage.

Inlage Setup - Step 3

If you like, you can create a shortcut in the start menu folder.

Inlage Setup - Step 4

Create a desktop icon and decide if you want to make .tex and .bib files always opened by inlage by default. Inlage project files .inlage will be registered in any case.

Inlage Setup - Step 5

Run the installation.

Inlage Setup - Step 6

Wait while setup is copying files.

Inlage Setup - Step 7

Finish the setup and start Inlage if you like.

Inlage Setup - Step 8

Congratulations! You have installed Inlage.

Your next step would be to setup a LaTeX implementation.

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