This page shows all features of the Inlage text editor.

Document window

The text view includes the following LaTeX assistants:

  • Syntax highlighting: LaTeX specific commands and syntax will be displayed colored.
  • Code completion: On entering commands or references, lists for suggestions are displayed.
  • Spell checker: Depending on your dictionary language, wrong words will be underlined.
  • Text links: On holding control, “go to definition” links will be created.
  • Code Folding: Environments (begin/end blocks) can be folded on the left bar. The environment name will be displayed if folded.
  • Matched selection highlighting: If some word is selected, same words in the text view will be highlighted with grey background.
  • Matching bracket highlighting: Matching brackets will be highlighted with a transparent box.
  • Line numbering: Lines numbers are shown on the left bar.

Features can be dis and enabled in the Settings dialog.

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