Create your first document

This is a small example, how to use Inlage.

Step 1: When Inlage finished to initialize, you'll see the start screen where you can open recent files and projects or create new ones. Click to “New document” to create your first document.

Start screen

Step 2: A new editor tab will be created and the Document options dialog opens. Click to “Insert” and the dialog will disappear and create some basic LaTeX code.

Create new document

Step 3: The dialog has created LaTeX code for a minimal setup if you want to create some PDF file (you can reopen the dialog every time to change your LaTeX settings):

% Additional Options

If you start to type “This is \LaTeX.” the code completion will appear with some suggestions what will be filtered if you type on. You can navigate with up- and downarrow and insert your selection on return.


Step 4: Go into math mode by using the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+M and type some equation in your math mode environment (“align” is the default environment - the usage of the amsmath package will be added to the header automatically). You also can start to type \begin and insert it via code completion to get the environment list.

 % Additional Options
     This is \LaTeX.
         \nabla^2 = \Delta


Step 5: Compile your LaTeX file to a PDF on F5 (MikTex and SumatraPDF should be set up). You will be asked to save your file. After that the compilation will run and SumatraPDF will show up with your created PDF.


If SumatraPDF is configured correctely, you can enjoy the following features:

  1. With the usage of syntex option, you can switch between the lines in Inlage (F9) and SumatraPDF (double click).
  2. You can enable Live preview in Compiler option what make Inlage compile continuously - SumatraPDF will update the PDF automatically in background.
  3. Alt key pressed will send key presses for navigation (up, down, left, right, pgup, minus, …) to SumatraPDF, so you don't lose the focus while scolling in PDF.
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