Inlage 5 Release

Get Inlage 5 here. You can test it 30 days if you have no license yet. Further information about new features and website/documentation updates will follow.


Thanks to all who helped in the bugtracker!

17 Responses to “Inlage 5 Release”

  1. Asem Hassan says:

    Hello, Tried to install this version but when the program initializes for the first time, I’ve got a message says (Test period expired. Please buy Inlage at I’ve already bought one! Please help. Thanks

  2. Peter says:

    I get a message saying:

    Inlage trial has been tested before. Get a license at

    However, at the only version mentioned is version 4.

    How can I buy version 5?


  3. Petter says:

    I get the same error. Is this really the final version? It won’t even start.

  4. admin says:

    Sorry, there was some stupid bug. The latest version should work! Inlage 5 is free for Inlage 4 customers. I changed the product name to 5 on the website and paypal.

  5. Petter says:

    OK, so now it is starting. I did not manage to register with my Inlage 4 license yet.

    But whoaah! The entire window is transparent! Why!? I found a way of disabling it in the settings, but why is it the default?

    I also have to say the program is very slow. Even in a 20 kB tex file the software maximizes one processor core when I use the mouse wheel. I tested the same file in Inlage 4 and it was much faster.

  6. sniperde says:

    Thank you very much,
    I really like version 5 so far, perfect timing for my master’s thesis.

  7. Thomas says:

    Sorry to bother you, Nils, but I just can’t get this version to work flawlessly. Everytime I open my docs and try to scroll down it crashes after a few lines.
    Unfortunately I cannot reach the bugtracker anymore to look up solutions.

    Thanks for your time and work, still appreciating Inlage 4 and its features every day!

  8. cschmid says:

    You can reach the bugtracker without opening Inlage by opening following URL:

  9. Nils Keller says:

    I’m sorry for the troubles. I’ll try to fix the issues in the next weeks when I’m back from my vacation. Please use the bugtracker for reports what makes it much easier for me to stay on top on things. Thanks!

  10. cschmid says:

    Hope you are back soon, spending too much time with couple of handsful of bugs and deadline is coming closer 🙁

  11. Kunal says:

    Hi !
    I just installed inlage 5 on a brand new windows 8 machine. However as soon as I start it and try to get the trial, I get an error message saying that the trial has been tested before. I would like to buy inlage eventually, but certainly want to try it out before I but it. Any help with the bug will be appreciated.

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  13. Vanderson says:

    I just bought the Inlage license and it’s looks like a stunning software. But what’s annoying is the fact that I need activate it all the time. If a loose the internet connection the software doesn’t start! Do you have any plan to change this activation method!? Is not good at all the fact that you can just start the software with an Internet connection.

    Many thanks!

    Cheers, Vanderson

  14. Marty says:

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