Stability of Inlage 5 RC

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18 Responses to “Stability of Inlage 5 RC”

  1. Roland says:

    Sorry Nils gotta be harsh this time.

    The new RC is compeltely unusable on my project. With any more than a few tabs open, it becomes so slow that typing is impossible. The scrolling will also hang the app. I hope you can reproduce it with my files.

    I am very happy with the state of the features at the moment, it does everything I need to do. I hope the performance issues can be fixed.

  2. admin says:

    Yes sorry, I forgot that when I started this poll, so this wasn’t meant by the question (it’s slow here, too). It’s just about crashed. Yesterday I started some performance checks with Inlage (especially with your project). When I try to open the results Visual Studio always crashes, what is very funny… but hindering at this time. I’ll do my best to get that work. Thank you for your extensive testing! Hope I can release after fixing the performance thing and some other issues.

  3. Luís Pereira says:

    Dear Nils,

    I like the new look and somehow seems more intuitive. I have one doubt – I have a project with .eps images and I would like to compile to .pdf, but I can’t, so when I compile the images are not appearing. How can I configure the compiler so that this will work?


  4. Andreas Neupert says:

    I also experience bad performance (sometimes a few seconds for typing a word) which just kills usability. It’s a new phenomena in the latest version, so I hope you’ll be able to fix it. (Maybe revert to the last version? / assumed you use some kind of version control) Except that I like Inlage 5 a lot!

  5. Patrick says:

    Inlage 5 looks nice, but i have problems with Phyton script.
    I always get the error “Python Script Error! unexpected token ‘$'”.
    Phyton script code:
    cmd.SelectedText = “”

    cmd.Insert(“\t\t” + $$x diag$$ + “\n”)


  6. admin says:

    Thanks. It’s right that the performance issues are since the last update. It is related to the fix of issue #167. I found the leak and resolved the new performace issue. Let me do some other performance fixes and release an update and restart this poll.

    @Luís Pereira
    I’m not sure what compiler are used for this because I don’t use eps. I think can help. If there are some issues regarding this with Inlage, please write a ticket in the bugtracker.

    The new way to do that is:
    x = cmd.Dialog(“Diag X”)
    cmd.Insert(“\t\t” + x + “\n”)

  7. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the information.

    I tried it and it works fine.
    Last question. Is there a brief overview of the commands with description?

    Thanks Patrick

  8. Ali says:

    I have the issue with this version that was advertised as one of the most important features of inlage 5; re-opening the inserted tables. Whenever I double click a table on the navigation, it crashes the inlage!!
    please find a solution to this big and serious issue!!

  9. Dimtiris says:

    Hi Nils,

    There is a bug spotted, sometimes when I try to compile the tex file, there is an unexpected behavior: the GUI just disappears, while the inlage instance is still visible at the task manager. So this is not exactly the most fatal exception, but it renders the application unusuable. (also, the pdf with the result doesn’t show up, meaning that there was a certain crush during/before the compile?).
    Yesterday I uninstalled and reinstalled inlage several times (on win8) and at some point it started working again. After a full working day with inlage, today the same thing happened again.
    Moreover, the app is slow, when you write text it appears with a delay, but I’m not sure still what the possible causes might be (the delay-speed varies a little bit).

  10. Dimtiris says:

    Hi Nils,

    the scrolling issue mentioned here today appeared also to me.
    If you move the bar with a left click, everything is fine.
    But if you scroll with your wheel, the app freezes.
    This seems to be an easy fix, I’m reporting so that you know it’s not happening to just one guy.
    OS – win8

  11. abhilash sukumari says:

    Performance is extremely poor. Takes time to start up , multiple tabs makes it more slower. Features are good but it performance is way down.

  12. Ana Paola says:

    I can’t even open Inlage if I don’t borrow someone’s wireless adapter do connect to the visitor wireless network (the only one not behind proxy). If I try to connect under proxy, Inlage asks for my license number and then returns an error message. I’m getting sick of it.

  13. David Colton says:

    Really love Inlage and I’m writing my Thesis on it at the moment but this lag when typing is starting to get to me. I only purchased and download a few weeks ago so I must be on the latest version. PLEASE HELP … !


  14. David Colton says:

    BTW I forgot to mention that to mediate the effect somewhat I’ve started breaking my larger pieces of text [i.e. chapters] is smaller documents, typically a file per section. I’m actually starting to like working this way but the underlying problem does need to be resolved.


  15. David Colton says:

    Another trick. Make the text bigger [Ctrl + mouse wheel up / down]. It appears that the sluggishness seems to be a factor of the size of the file and also the amount of text displayed on the screen. Hey do whatever you can so you can keep working eh…!


  16. Adrian says:

    I am afraid this is how Inlage works – it is very slow and buggy. I’ve also purchased version 5 license, but unfortunately writing 100 pages of thesis was impossible. Author didn’t responded to my query for last 7 months – probably he is not going to do anything about that. I suggest you to use TeXstudio – this is the best environment I can think of. Obviously there is no typing of equations using math panel. This is a good thing, because it’s very easy to learn math syntax in LaTeX (takes one hour).

  17. Adrian says:

    I’ve just noticed that TeXstudio also has Math Panel equation input 😉
    Wizards –> Math Assistant
    So basically you have everything which is needed and even more, plus it is stable.

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