Startup and compiler-profile problems

I fixed some bugs for some issues regarding to the startup and to the synchronization of profiles. A re-installation of Inlage is required for some changes (maybe some versions doesn’t work with the current update or still have fixed bugs). For further problems please check the Bugtracker for related issues or post a new one if it isn’t listed yet. I’m not very fast in bugfixing at this time because a have a lot of work to do, please excuse me.

PS: All profiles have been reset. You find more informations about that in the bugtracker…

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  1. Fabian Meier says:

    I tried to construct a profile for compiling

    tex -> dvi -> ps -> pdf

    but I failed on the last step. Maybe one needs a predefined profile or an explanation how one properly applies ps2pdf to the created ps-file.

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