Inlage 5 Beta


The Inlage 5 Beta for customers is ready now: Download Inlage 5 Beta
Please activate it with your registered email address.

For bug reports please use the bugtracker from now on. Signup here.

9 Responses to “Inlage 5 Beta”

  1. Roland says:

    Just to voice my appreciation for Nil’s hardwork. Thanks! The new features would be very useful as I write my Thesis.

  2. Damon says:

    I second that. Thanks Nils! Downloading it now. Going to start my dissertation with it today. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks!

  3. Bybuntu says:

    The installation of inlage 5 was not successful in my case. When I try to launch it, a message saying “Inlage has stopped working”. Any help????

  4. Nils says:

    Please write a ticket in the bugtacker. Maybe it is relates to issue #0000001. Please sign up and have a look.

  5. Kuang-Li says:

    I can install it. (is the file only 141Kb?) It shows Inlage is not a valid win32 application. Even thgouh I download the binary file (7.1MB), it can’t work as well (just terminate and close). No problem for my Inlage 4

  6. emj says:

    It returns Inlage is not a valid win32 application when i try to install. The downloaded file is inlage5.exe is 10.4 mb

  7. Kuang-Li says:

    I try to download again. The file is 10MB now, and it can work. Thx

  8. Nils says:

    I’m sorry, I uploaded some updates, maybe you were downloading while the upload wasn’t complete…

  9. Asem Hassan says:

    Hi. tried to install it but at the end says Inlage has stopped working!

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