Re-opening of insert dialogs

With the new Inlage version it will be possible to re-open most insert dialogs: You can edit your tables and matrices in the same way you inserted or imported them.


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  1. Ben says:

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Thomas says:

    When will inlage 5 be released? I saw that your first news post on inlage 5 was over a year ago. Or are the mentioned features already included in inlage 4.7?

    Best regards!

  3. Nils says:

    The new features are not included in Inlage 4. I hope I can start a closed beta-phase for Inlage 5 in the next weeks…


  4. Roland says:

    Did I just see an update!!!???
    Thanks Nil! You are a star! Very much appreciated and looking forward to it.
    How do we enroll in beta?

    Oh please, a quick band aid option for altering exe path of BibTeX, many people use biber nowadays. I had to rename my exe.

    Additional suggestions:
    1. Ctrl+F defaults to search in project whenever any project is open, regardless if active code window is a file not part of the project. Hope it defaults to search in file if active file is not part of a project.

    2. Not sure if this is suggested before, option for custom command names for handling autocomplete on a) making lables b) retriving lable references c) inputing files. E.g. If I define a command \uniref and I want it to show same autocomplete as typing \ref. It’d be nice if you can set a list of custom command names that behaves like the LaTeX default \label \ref \input…etc

    3. In searches, multiple matches within a single line (inc. continuous paragraph) of code count as a single match and ‘replace’ button replace all of them at the same time. Would be nice to replace one by one even within the same ‘line’ of code.

    4. Word count in file statistics?

    5. Hotkey for macros

    6. Maybe for version 6, regex support for searches?

    Minor bugs
    1. Clicking on broken links in Labels window will give unhandled exception dialogue.
    2. Figure window does not open image if extension is not specified by \includefile, as LaTeX automatically finds pdf, eps, jpg in certain orders and usually extension is not specified.

  5. Nils says:

    I think Inlage 5 will handle all issues

  6. Brian says:

    Since transparent aero interface is becoming obsolete, I think reducing the amount of transparency effect in Inlage would not only make it look better with windows 8 but also make it less distracting.

  7. Nils says:

    You can turn it off.

  8. abhilash sukumari says:

    I hope inlage 5 will be soon released … Cant wait to get my hands on and start writing my thesis …

  9. Damon says:

    Hey Nils, so far great updates. Did you fix the issue where commenting an entire block of text somehow misses the first line selected? Also, it would be really convenient if the “comment/uncomment” command pair was accessible via right click as well.

    Thanks much! Looking forward too the next release. I plan to write my dissertation with it.

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