Update 4.7.8

– Usercommands Bugfix
– 64bit compiler setting


PS: I’m sorry, Inlage 5 will be delayed because there’s not enough time for the development this months.

6 Responses to “Update 4.7.8”

  1. Zhidayat says:

    What does 64bit compiler setting mean? Does it mean Inlage needs Windows 64bit? How about running Inlage in 32bit Windows?


  2. Marc says:

    Thanks for the update. However, if I set the compiler to 64bit and compile the document with F5 (using pdflatex and synctex), Sumatra won’t show the pdf anymore. Maybe because Sumatra isn’t 64bit?

  3. zee says:

    The 64bit compiler setting means, that you have a checkbox in the inlage settings to use the miktex 64 bit version. If you have installed miktex 64 bit all binaries are in the miktex/bin/x64 folder. The directory is the same (only Programs/MikTex). I fixed the problem with the error image for 64 bit and the SumatraPDF problem.



  4. Marc says:

    Thanks SumatraPDF works now with the 64bit compiler option enabled.

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Inlage 4 throws a warning message about the non-localization of bibtex.exe in the default miktex\bin directory, because all executables of MikTex on the 64-bit Windows are located in miktex\bin\x64 directory.

    Therefore, how can I configure Inlage4 to point to this x64 directory, bceuase it seems stuck with the previous ..\bin directory setting!!!


  6. Welcome says:

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