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20 Responses to “Users voice needed”

  1. Moran Lefler says:

    1. Is it possible to make the pdf viewer stay in the same position (in the same page) after each build?
    2. I think this program really needs a proper toolbar for math editing.
    3. the math input panel is really nice!

  2. Q says:

    The newest version of Sumatra keep the position fixed.

  3. Dr. Harish Kumar says:

    Forward serach and backward search are the features that are badly needed.

  4. Q says:

    These features are already supported.

  5. theo says:

    is it possible to have sumatra (or any other viewer) show the position I am actually working? –> centering the position where my cursor in inlage is?

    this would be very nice!

    saw this behaviour in other editors (think it was TexMakerX) and really miss it.

    if the “cursor-position” is to tricky, maybe just the actual section/subsection/… would be also fine.

  6. Q says:

    That’s just synctex. Ctrl-enter (inside Inlage) will send sumatra to the paragraph that you’re working on.

  7. Nils says:

    I think the intern adobe reader will not be support with Inlage 5. It’s the same control like firefox uses and it’s really annoying und not suitable for tex, too.

    I regret that there is no way for a sumatra pdf mdi (because it’s under gpl license), but you can use it extern very good with two screens or the win 7 docking functions and the possibility to control sumatra pdf with Inlage without loosing the focus in the tex document while you’re writing.


  8. Arne says:

    The most important point would be support for Adobe Acrobat (not just the free Adobe Reader).

    If you take writing documents seriously, you need at least Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.
    So Acrobat is installed on the PCs of many LaTeX users, while Adobe Reader is not (and it’s not a good idea to install both, if it’s even possible at all).

    Please support Adobe Acrobat! It’s so much better than “Sumatra PDF”!

  9. Rajeev Krishnamurthi says:

    I would like to see support for Adobe Acrobat ( not Adobe Acrobat Reader) going forward as well as SumtraPDF

  10. admin says:

    What kind of support do you mean? Inlage 4 already supports DDE with Adobe Acrobat (open/close).

  11. Asem says:

    PDF-XChange Viewer at is an excellent pdf viewer with lots of editing tools…etc and free! thanks

  12. Abhilash Sukumari says:


    can u pls tell me why there is no descriptive help options such as How to create a project in INLAGE , latex 2e documentations for tutorials etc in INLAGE.

    These are the features that helps a beginner. I find it is the most needed feature asap in INLAGE.

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