Status Update

First of all: I’m sorry about delaying requests but I’m very busy. I think it’s obvious that development of Inlage hasn’t stop forever.

I want to thank you all for supporting Inlage – I found some posts from customers telling other people that they are using Inlage and like it – that’s very nice! Also I recognized more than one customer in one city and I see some of you are recommending Inlage to friends that buy an own license. Thanks, too!

At least I want to advertise my Android App that shows the system of my master thesis (maybe some of you are interested in that scientific toy):

SW ChaosTop
Android Market

I think Inlage clients can get it for free. Just contact me…

11 Responses to “Status Update”

  1. hong says:

    nice app, u scientific boy!

  2. ebi says:

    Is it possible to use TeXLive, instead of MikTeX?


  3. Nils says:

    There is a ruse:

    You can set up the TeXLive dir instead of the MikTex, but you have to add ../../ to the compiler name to go back from bin/miktex/ to ./

  4. Nils says:

    Next Inlage version will support TeXLive without that…

  5. ebi says:

    I did your comments (set up the TeXLive dir instead of the MikTex, but you have to add ../../ to the compiler name to go back from bin/miktex/ to ./),
    now i can execute jobs, but there is a little problem:

    * click on “Additional Option” , you will see this error:
    Could not found a part of the path ‘C:\Program Files\TexLive\2010\bin\win32\tmp\packages\’
    * it seems, to be incompatible with other programs, such as “Dell Dock” , when i open Inlage 4.7, after 2-3 min, my Dell Dock (that it’s panel is in left corner of windows), will be disabled !!
    * It would be better if there was Mathematical symbols !!

  6. Arne says:

    Will there be a new version anytime soon?

    The new version should support Adobe Acrobat X (not just the free Adobe Reader X)!

  7. Nils says:

    I’m sorry, I’m very busy but I hope I can release a new version this year…

  8. Petter says:

    If you want to use the 64-bit version of MikTex, specify the root Miktex directory and then the compiler as “x64/pdflatex”.

  9. Petter says:

    But then bibtex is not working and there are other issues, e.g. non-stop mode not working.

  10. Petter says:

    A couple of symlinks (e.g. pdflatex.exe ==> x64\pdflatex.exe) seem to fix the above issues.

  11. Brian says:

    Great work with Inlage! I have tried the test version and really like it. There are one or two issues that prevent me from buying it as I feel they are crucial to working with large documents.

    1) \cite does not popup with a list of bibtex entries in files other than the masterfile. For example if I include another file with \input{other.tex} then the citation will not work. I find this very important as I have hundreds of references in my bibtex file and find it very difficult to work without this.

    2) It would be great if the sections preview would include files that have been included with the \input command. For example I’d like to see a tree of my thesis by opening the master file including chapters/sections. Large documents such as a thesis are often split into several smaller files and include each other.

    Other editors have these features but I much prefer the interface and layout of Inlage. I would definitly buy it if these features were added and reccommend it to my colleagues. I think it should not be too much work to add them as they are merely a small extention to what is already available.


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