Masterfile support test

Before I release Inlage 4.5 you can test the new features in a pre-release. New features are:

– Projects
– Masterfile support (for codecompletion, compile)
– Console

Get the test version here.

NOTE: Please reset your layout (to e.g. “default”)


NEW: Compiler output with masterfile support:


13 Responses to “Masterfile support test”

  1. Petter says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but this looks like a very useful feature. So far, I have been using a hack to have cite-completion in all my chapter files by adding “\if 0 \bibliography{…} \fi” at the bottom of my chapters.

    Another (unrelated) feature to consider adding is to have the “Underfull \vbox” diagnostic messages show up in the Report alongside the errors and warnings.

  2. Troels says:

    I just did a short test, and it seems to work like it should.
    I like the “Masterfile to Project” feature very much. It was a matter of 3-4 clicks and I had my master thesis imported into the new version of Inlage. Wonderful!
    The only problem was that I had used \input{Abstract.tex} when I import my files. When I then double-click the file in the project explorer it tried to find a file called Abstract.tex.tex…

  3. admin says:

    Thank you. I fixed that problem – now you can use “\input{Abstract.tex}” or “\input{Abstract}” it will find “Abstract.tex”

    I also added DDE support for extern Adobe Reader/Acrobat (solves writing problem if file is already opened).

  4. Petter says:

    Does it also work with \include instead of \input?

  5. Petter says:

    Nevermind, I must have misread the post.

  6. admin says:

    include, input and bibliography are supported.

  7. Petter says:

    I have now tested in and it seems to work. Great!

    One issue is that all of my BibTex files show up on the same line in the “BibTeX files” column when parsing the master file, instead of one file on each row like in the “Header files” and “Content files” columns.

    Also, forward searching using F9 doesn’t work. If I press F9 inside “chapter1.tex”, it still looks for “chapter1.pdf”, not “masterfile.pdf”. That might be hard to solve, though, I don’t know.

  8. Petter says:

    I should add that the BibTeX issue mentioned above seem to be purely cosmetic, since \cite completion in content file works.

  9. Petter says:

    Now Inlage crashed on me.
    * Create a new project from a master file
    * Save project
    * Close Inlage
    * Open the previous project
    * Crash

    I am sending the project file and crash report.

  10. admin says:

    Thanks! I fixed all that bugs…

  11. mikael says:

    it looks awesome but craches often when it tries to auto complete. Report submited

  12. Petter says:

    It’s great that the \vbox and \hbox messages are passed to the report. However, I’d like them to have a category of their own, if possible. Perhaps it could be called “diagnostics”, “info” or “layout”.

    Inlage is now by far the best LaTeX editor I have tried.

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