Spell Checker Update

I increased the performance of the spellchecker, so there are no more problems with larger files. Inlage 4.2.1!


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  1. Petter says:

    Inlage reports an exception when adding a word to the dictionary. Apparently the file
    is missing. I manually created the file and the error disappeared.

    Also, when I upgraded to the latest version, all my settings disappeared and I had to reconfigure the program.

  2. Petter says:

    The screen shot above illustrates a problem with the spell checker. Arguments to most latex commands should not be checked for spelling.

    Examples: \cite \documentclass \ref etc.

    Examples of commands whose arguments _should_ be spell checked: \emph \textbf etc.

  3. Nils says:

    So give me a complete list and I’ll add it… I’m working on a version that doesnt do the highlighting if you are not in the \begin/end{document}

  4. Petter says:

    Basically everything within [] and then {} after any latex command should be ignored by the spell checker.

    Exceptions: \text* \emph

  5. Nils says:

    whats about \section, \chapter, \textbf, …? I think there are a lot of commands that can have text in its argument…

  6. Petter says:

    Additional things to fix in the spell checker:

    * Abbreviations, right now “e.g.” and “i.e.” are errors
    * Non-breaking spaces. “~” is a non-breaking space in Latex and should therefore be parsed as a word separator, not part of a word. Right now this gives a lot of erroneous spell checking errors

  7. Petter says:

    With “\text*” I meant “\textbf”, “\textsl”, “\textit” etc. “\section”, “\chapter”, “\paragraph” should be included as well.

  8. Nils says:

    Okay, first of all: You can’t expect that I write a perfect spellchecker for LaTeX in 3 days… if you dislike that spell checker you can turn it off.

    The “~” was missing as delimiter! I’m sorry about your settings I think I fixed that and I also fixed the exception.

    “e.g.” is missing in the dictionary file that is not part of Inlage! In the german dict abbreviations are handled, so I think you have to add them to your user dictionary or find a new dictionary.

    I’ll try to add all of the commands that contains text to an ignore list…

    I upload a new version when its done.

  9. Matse says:

    great work! Inlage is indeed a very good latex development environment – the best I’ve seen so far! And it’s really great that you develop it in such a speed, I really don’t regret that I have bought Inlage.
    Keep up the great work!

  10. admin says:

    Thank you!

    I added a list with words that can have text in its argument. All other commands are not checked! Also everything before \begin{document} will not be checked.

    If you want I can add everything in Math Mode and all Comments to the ignorelist, too.

    And I’m wondering how to display the math mode (e.g. bold, other color, …). Suggestions are welcome 😉

  11. Petter says:

    The editor is very slow. Scrolling up and down maximizes one CPU core and writing maximizes both CPU cores. This is with code folding disabled in an 123-line document.

    The math mode should have a different background color in my opinion.

  12. Matse says:

    Hello again,
    one thing that I miss is that you don’t see, when the document is being compiled. I was missing some packages and miktex was downloading them in the background automatically and I could not see that the compiler was running until I pressed again “F5” – then a message appears that says that the compiler is already running and so on. It would be nice if there was a note in the status bar.
    Another thing is if you don’t specify a pdf-reader the code will compile but inlage will just give you the error “Not found” – please add something which is more clear like “PDF reader not found”.
    Further I miss some document classes in the “new document” window, especially “report” and “scrreport”.
    And at last I had a crash when I clicked on the “Insert / Packages” button on the left side of the window. I can’t reproduce the crash but I guess there was an error that had to do with “windows forms” or so – that’s probably no help if I get the error again I will inform you.

  13. Matse says:

    I am really blind! I just saw the “play” button in the status bar while the document is compiling! Ignore that part of my message 😉

  14. admin says:


    You also can open the log-mdi-window and see live the compiler output. There is also a textbox below to communicate with it (e.g. you can press enter to skip some errors).

    The “not found” error prints normally the path of the pdf viewer you set up if its not found. So I think you switched the dropdown to “other (extern)” but you didnt write something in the path for the other viewer you want to use… I’ll add another message.

    I also will add the documentclasses that are missing.

    If you get the next exception, please write a mail with the exception message or you can look in the Appdata/Inlage directory where a “crash.txt” should be created with the exception text in it.


    I’m sorry about the CPU usage but I think it’s no big deal if you do no big simulation or sth like that when you are writing in Inlage, because that only happens if you are changing the visible text in Inlage. The more important thing is, that Inlage refreshes live the spellchecker without slowing down. And I think its doing that fine?!

    With the math mode I had problems setting up a background color but I think it might be too much if you use the active line highlighter. I’ll release 4.3 soon where you can set a color for the commands that determine entering and closing the math mode and there will be a checkbox for making everything in math mode bold.

    Screenshot and update will follow…

  15. admin says:

    btw “report” isn’t missing…

  16. admin says:

    Petter, you said “The editor is very slow.”, is it slow or only having much cpu usage? Because than its not slow itself…

    I dont have such problems, when I’m typing it goes up to 10%, if I scroll up to 30% but not more…

    EDIT: And you can enable code-folding if you dont have > 10^5 lines. It only updates if you have added a new begin/end block.

  17. Matse says:

    Hello again,
    you are right, report is already in the “new document” window, my mistake. Another feature that I miss is that I can stop the compiling process. Because sometimes the compiler shows an error but still compiles and compiles this slows down my computer so I have to find the error and restart compiling – but if I need time to find the error I have a problem 😉 And I’m a beginner in latex so I need some time 😉
    It would be nice if you would add this feature,

    PS.: I didn’t find a crash.txt in my Appdata\Roaming\Inlage directory, that’s the only Inlage directory (that I could find) in my users folder on my computer.

  18. admin says:

    There is an item “Abort” in the Build menu (Shift+F5). The dir is the right one… I got also that error but can’t reproduce it, too…

  19. Petter says:

    The editor is noticeably slower the larger the document gets. It is only a big deal on my laptop because the fan has to work and the battery drains faster.

  20. admin says:

    So I think you have to disable the spell checker on your laptop

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  22. admin says:

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