Inverse/Forward search: SumatraPDF support

Inlage Wiki: Setting up Sumatra PDF for inverse search

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  1. Cane says:

    Cool! Thanks a lot! May I make a small suggestion? The focus seems to switch to Sumatra after you do the forward search. It would be nice if the focus stays the same. If that’s possible, you can just press the hotkey, while typing, and then, keep on typing without having to switch back and forth between windows.


  2. Petter says:

    When is the release?

  3. Nils says:

    I think this week. Inlage 4 is done, but I want to check some bugs before I release. I’ll try to release till friday…

  4. Nils says:

    Should Inlage compile everytime you press the hotkey for pdfsync?

  5. Cane says:

    It’s always good to have different options: compile + sync/just sync/just compile.

    And btw, as I asked earlier, is it possible not to switch focus?


  6. Nils says:

    Yes, no focus switching is already done.

    EDIT: A new button for compile + sync was added to the search menu. If the compilation finished the pdf refreshes first and then it jumps to the line without getting the focus.

  7. Cane says:

    This is awesome! Also, is there any reason you choose pdfsync over synctex? Sumatra actually supports synctex.

  8. Nils says:

    First of all I think including a package is much easier instead of installing TexLive 2010 (> 2gb). I’ve got problems with the description ( because “kpathsea356.dll” doesn’t exists at TexLive 2010.

    An other problem is that Inlage still does not support other compilers, it works only with MikTex. But there is a chance that later versions will support synctex/pdftex, too.

    But Inlage 4 is ready now and I have to write my master thesis on 😉

  9. Corneliu says:


    It’s nice that you decided to include the new functions. I find your sketch tool pretty cool, unfortunately, I did not find how to change the color of the pen. (Maybe in the new version it was already changed, so I will wait for it.) I also suggest to include at some time the possibility to use the fasTeX.

    Another thing: It is not possible to see the current version of the program before you install it.

  10. Nils says:

    I’m very surprised that someone uses the sketch panel. The idea was, if you have a lecture, you can make a sketch in a fast time and paste it to your equations and text you also wrote down with your tablet pc in Inlage.

    I thought, if you want to draw more than a couple of black lines you should use graphic programs that support pressure sensitive drawing…

    But if you say you just use it in the first way, I’ll add it to my todo list. But I will not ensure that that feature will part of Inlage 4.

    What do you mean with “see”. Screenshots?

  11. Nils says:

    I includet color and pen thickness for the sketch panel. Because of all changes discussed here, the release will be delayed…

  12. Petter says:

    Synctex is supported by MikTeX. I am using it all the time with SumatraPDF and it works perfectly without having to include an extra package. pdfsync, on the other hand, seems a bit strange. According to its documentation:

    “You should not use pdfsync on final documents because it can change the layout rather significantly”

    I suggest going for synctex. It is supported by MikTeX.

  13. Cane says:

    I agree with Petter about pdfsync/synctex. Synctex doesn’t affect the layout!

    Also, @Nils, do you think it’s possible to add some shortcut key for scrolling the pdf preview (say, page per page) so that you don’t need to use the mouse?


  14. Nils says:

    Synctex does work since I include DDE but I didn’t realized…

    @Quoc: If you can show me how to do this: The sumatra documentation for DDE commands ( provides no PageUp/PageDown command. I could make that possible for the intern Adobe Viewer but I think you want to use Sumatra, …

  15. Cane says:

    It’s true that there’s no DDE for page up, page down… So I know one way to do it: requesting them to do it :-).

    One other way, but much harder, the information generated by synctex includes page numbers. So unless there is a paragraph that is > 1 page long, you can do it accurately.

    The last way is probably compiling Sumatra as Dll and then, use P/Invoke to render the rasterization. Since there is no dll on Sumatra’s website, you will probably have to include it in your app, which is a violation of Mupdf’s license (unless you actually bought mupdf).

  16. Nils says:

    You’re right! So you do the request to Sumatra and I’ll include it then 😀

  17. Cane says:

    Requested! 😀

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