1 Year Inlage – Inlage Cube released!

Today, Inlage exists exactly one year…

I finished Inlage Cube right now so that all of you can celebrate its birthday 😉
Get it here and see the new feature list here.

Thanks a lot for all your emails with comments and ideas. I hope in the 2nd year I’ll get still more response so that this editor can grow on and on…

News comments are very welcome, too!


Have a nice LaTeX-ing!

Best wishes,

2 Responses to “1 Year Inlage – Inlage Cube released!”

  1. hongy says:

    happy birthday

  2. Tom says:

    First of all: Happy Birthday! I just wanted to use this opportunity to post some of my experiences with Inlage Cube 3.
    There’ve been many editors I was testing in the past, but the usual coding problems or missing functions always brought me back to MikTex and its integrated TeXworks.
    At this moment, I’ve been using Inlage Cube 3 for some days and I have to admit, that everything works fine. It comes with some really helpful features and makes LaTeX using a lot more comfortable.
    I’m not an Expert in LaTex and therefore it seems very useful to me, that code is completed automatically. Missing brackets or typing errors won’t keep me from compiling my documents anymore. Of course there still is the possibility to make mistakes, but remarkably decreased, I think.
    After lots of useless Flame-War debates about how miserable MS Office matches LaTeX, Inlage Cube finds a way to get the best out of both instead, for Excel tables are easily imported by using an assistant. So you won’t have to create the same table twice, but still can use it on and on, with different and multiple possibilities.
    There then is a simply cosmetic point, I like about Inlage: it fits the Windows 7 enviroment. Of course, this really is absolutely unimportant, if you’re looking towards functionality, but I always cared about the visual styles of software and can’t stand the look of XP-software anymore.
    Since I’m not using formulas that much, I unfortunately can’t tell about the new functionalities concerning those, but I can say, that I’m very pleased with the great language support, especially when it comes to ancient ones.
    What I’ve been missing so far, is an automated word wrap in the text window and spell checking capabilities. But keeping in mind, that the author told me, those are things he really could imagine or he in fact is working on their integration, let’s those issues seem to me temporary and of course pretty marginal.
    All in all Inlage Cube is not only worth a try, but the money it costs. To everyone who wants to use the advantages of typesetting but won’t miss the comfort, I recommend this one.
    Thanks for reading


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